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1. Please fill out the form completely on the left hand side with all your appropriate information.  ( PLEASE NOTE if any information is missing the form will not be submitted and you will not receive your product) If you have any issues please contact SUPPORT@BRITEBRUSHUSA.COM

2 . You will receive your product 5-8 business days from the date you submit your voucher and it is verified.  If you have any issues please contact SUPPORT@ BRITEBRUSHUSA.COM

3. You will NOT receive a email confirmation in regards to your order. As long as you are taken to the following “Thank you for redeeming your voucher” screen  you are completely fine. The only reason we may contact you is if your voucher is not valid in our system .If you have any issues please contact SUPPORT@ BRITEBRUSHUSA.COM

4. Because of our lightning speed process and our customer’s privacy we do not send tracking numbers once your order is on its way. If you submitted your voucher more than 10 days ago and have not received your order Please contact SUPPORT@ BRITEBRUSHUSA.COM

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