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We all know that brushing is essential for healthy teeth and gums but what if that very toothbrush that we use everyday is the cause to poor oral hygiene and health issues?

Research has shown that the average toothbrush is contaminated with millions of germs such as streptococci,staphylococci and E Coli that are the leading cause of  gum diseases and tooth decay. According to the center for disease control , even after rinsing your tooth brush numerous times it can still remain contaminated with pathogenic organisms.
Brite Brush is a revoluntiary new toothbrush that uses proven technology to kill germs and bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Numerous studies have shown ultraviolet (UV) light to be effective in killing germs and bacteria on toothbrushes when using sources emitting a light wavelength at 253.7 nanometers or higher.

Brite Brush incorporates cutting micro edge technology with a powerful blue spectrum light emitting diode in the toothbrush that produces a light wavelength in the 430-450 nm range to ensure a powerful yet safe and highly effective process.

Shown below is a chain of streptococcus bacterial cells that form dental plaque on your teeth. After use of blue light emitting diodes the bacteria cells chain is destroyed.
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• Improves Oral Health
• Helps eliminate Germs and Bacteria
• Reduces Plaque to Help Prevent and Reverse Gingivitis
• Enhances Whitening Capabilities of Any whitening toothpaste
• Leaves Mouth Feeling Fresher Longer
• Self-sanitizing Brush Head Reduces Germ and Bacteria growth

• Powerful Blue LED (UV) Light Technology in brush head
• Self-Sanitizing Brush Head
• Electric Oscillating Brush Head
• High Quality Dupont Tynex Bristles
• Ergonomically Designed Handle with Special Grips
• Includes 2 Replaceable Brush Heads
• Rechargeable
• Full Week of Use on One Charge
• Charge Indicator Light on Base and Handle
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